Wake Stone Quarry Triangle Pit #1

The Cross Triangle Greenway ride now has a “bypass route” that avoids Umstead State Park. Was the route changed to avoid exposing cyclists to the the barbed wire fencing, dust, diesel emissions and blasting impacts of the new Wake Stone Quarry Pit #2? The bypass route is not on a protected greenway, it is on Dynasty, Electra and Trenton Drives through neighborhood streets. Bicyclists will need to navigate stoplights, parked cars, and conflicts with automobile traffic.

2019 Invitation to Ride: “Celebrate the East Coast Greenway’s most complete metropolitan stretch with our Cross-Triangle Greenway Ride! Enjoy a scenic, recreational ride from Durham through Cary to Raleigh, North Carolina — all on protected greenways. 40-mile and 25-mile options are available for cyclists of all ability levels. The 40-mile option starts at 9 a.m. at SouthPoint Crossing Trailhead and the 25-mile option starts at 11 a.m. at Bond Park.”

2019 Route is on protected Greenway thru Umstead State park
2020 Bypass Route south of Umstead State Park is not a greenway, it is on Cary streets, with stoplights, parked cars, and traffic. (see blue line south of Umstead State Park)

The East Coast Greenway connects 15 states, 450 cities and towns, and 3,000 miles of people-powered trails from Maine to Florida — the country’s longest biking and walking route.

The East Coast Greenway trail is not designed to meet the weight requirements of logging trucks, and they will also exceed the weight limit on the single lane bridge further down Old Reedy Creek Road that goes over Crabtree Creek. Placing logging trucks or quarry trucks on this trail and single land bridge is dangerous and should be prohibited. The conflict with pedestrians, cyclists, and dog walkers will create an unacceptable hazard to the children, adults, and elderly who use this trail at all hours of the day. There is a new trailhead along Old Reedy Creek Road, and new Crabtree Creek Trail that was recently added that has resulted in an increased usage of these trails by pedestrians, cyclists and dog walkers.

Each year more than 3,000 pedestrians and 850 bicyclists are hit by vehicles in North Carolina, making North Carolina one of the least safe states in the US for walking and bicycling. On average, about 160 pedestrians and 20 bicyclists are killed each year in the State, representing about 15% of all traffic fatalities that occur on North Carolina roads. In collisions with cars, pedestrians in particular have a lot to lose. Those hit at 40 mph have an 85 percent chance of dying. A disproportionate number of bicyclists involved in crashes were Black.


We must not allow our protected greenways to be disturbed by an incompatible open pit quarry.

Please help protect the East Coast Greenway and Umstead State Park.

Take our Umstead Trail Survey. https://forms.gle/ZzQ44xghwD2K6pE29

Plan to speak at the NC DEQ Public Hearing this Tuesday, June 23rd starting at 6 pm. Learn more: https://umsteadcoalition.org/StopRDUQuarry

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