Dear Mr. Dan Sams,

Prior to granting the permit modification application request, please require:

Riding my bike on the new Crabtree Creek Greenway, I go past the Odd Fellows Tract just before entering Umstead State Park. I travel safely and protected, sharing the greenway with hikers, bikers, dog walkers, and the occasional horseback rider. My experience is completely different as I leave Umstead State…

8. Implementation Plan

Implementation planning describes overall project relationships and triggers (qualitative or quantitative), documenting a project-based implementation of the facilities and changes necessary to meet future demand over the planning horizon. The Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which demonstrates the financial feasibility of the projects identified as needed to meet…

This is the summary of what is required for projects listed under the Airport Layout Plan for the RDU 2040 Master Plan.

Content in italics include findings or observations made by StopRDUQuarry Volunteers, bolded items are items that may be significant to the Odd Fellows Tract development.

Note: the Quarry…

To be rather than to seem.

On July 4, 1976 as one of the original 13 colonies who fought for independence, NC celebrated the bicentennial of the THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.[1]

A few days later on July 7, 1976, the Sir Walter Lodge 411 Independent Order of Odd Fellows sold 83.79…

My name is Liz Adams, and I am here on behalf of the Capital Group Sierra Club to call for denial of the Permit under subsection(3), (4), and (5) because the proposed quarry expansion will violate standards of air quality, harm public health and have a substantial negative impact on…

Do you know that the Old Reedy Creek Road through Umstead State Park serves as the “spine” for two state trail networks?

Old Reedy Creek Road through Umstead State Park

Riding the trail on bicycle west to east between the Bull Durham Stadium and the Neuse River Trail on the NC Bikeway #2 on the (Mountains to Sea)…

Liz Adams

Stories topics may include: Air Quality Modeling and Monitoring, Sustainability, Data Analysis, and Clean Energy Policy.

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